Aanhouwen is a work and care centre for mentally and physically handicapped adults in the Helderberg Basin which was established in 1987 with 4 members. Since then it has grown to a maintainable organization with 65 members between the ages of 18 an 66 years, who attend the centre daily. 

Around 60% of the members are from underprivileged communities and are transported daily to and from Aanhouwen with transport provided by Aanhouwen vehicles. 

Our values and principles are as follows: 
Our organization is based on Christian principles and values. 
We care about each handicapped person and his or her individual needs 
We respect each member, staff member, volunteer and beneficiary. 
Transparency in all management and financial matters. 
Professional and personal service. 

Our focus areas: 
To give handicapped adults the opportunity to take part in meaningful activities and to socialize. 
By training and developing skills, to allow the all to be productive in society. 
To create an environment where they are accepted and the quality of life can be improved. 
To create public awareness of the handicapped 
To protect the rights of handicapped persons