Re-usable sanitary wear project

We would like to share with you our long-term project that our beneficiaries are working on. The project involves the production of reusable sanitary pads. We produce it here at Aanhou-Wen and then we hand it over to Masincedane to distribute.

Masincedane is a registered NPO that provides various support services to the needy in the community. Up to this point, they have already distributed around 150 sanitary pads in the community. The sanitary pads are manufactured with 3 layers, namely cotton, towel material and waterproof material to ensure that they can absorb well and do not leak. The pads are packed in sets of 3 in a nice bag that the ladies can carry with them. The aim of this project is to provide support to ladies (young and old) who cannot afford sanitary products and thus miss school/work due to the humiliation of menstruation “accidents”. We believe it is every woman’s right to be able to use sanitary products to deal with menstruation while still fulfilling her other obligations/responsibilities. This product enables ladies to wash out and reuse their sanitary pads as needed. The cotton layer that is against the ladies’ body also prevents allergic reactions that are caused in some ladies by disposable sanitary pads. Along with the anti-allergy properties, this product is also environmentally friendly.

These photos were sent to us by Masincedane during the distribution process.

You can learn more about them and what they do on their website: