Wish List

• Perishables (Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Bread, butter Spreads, oil etc.)
• Non-perishables
• Cleaning supplies
• Toilet paper
• Washing powder
• Black bags
• Fabric (large & small pieces/offcuts), needles, thread, Velcro – anything sewing related
• Scissors (Fabric scissors for sewing department)
• Plants, gardening tools/equipment
• Stationary (Pritt, pens, pencills, koki’s etc.)
• A4 printing paper
• Documents for shredding (confidential documents – to be delivered or collected)
• Contract work (any simple tasks that can be done at a lower rate than any other company)
• Clothing, home and kitchen items for 2nd hand shop
• Workshop equipment – Grinder, Drill, Welding rods, Saw, Glue, Sanding paper
• Volunteers to facilitate work and skills development
• Vehicle to deliver shredded paper
• Industrial shredder/any shredders
• Donation to complete construction on admin building


Cash Donations

Daily rate – R70.00 per day

1 Day per week for the month – R220.00

2 Days per week for the month – R450.00

3 Days per week for the month – R560.00

4/5 Days per week for the month– R1 000.00

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Sponsor a person with disability for 6 months

Minimum donation of R4 500.00


Sponsor a person with disability for 12 months

Minimum donation of R9 000.00

Empowering Skills, Ensuring Privacy

Shredding Service

Our shredding service is designed not only to cater to your document destruction needs but also to provide a meaningful platform for adults with disabilities to learn, grow, and contribute effectively to the community.

For more information or to arrange for your shredding service, please contact us. Together, we can create a more inclusive, skilled, and environmentally conscious community.

Please consider donating towards:

  • Vehicle for deliveries/collections
  • Industrial shredder/any shredders
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